About Technical Support 

Our Support Mission is to serve our clients with easy access to technical support, coupled with prompt, accurate response in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

After the first six months following purchase, we offer continued product support in the form of an OrderMaster II Update/Support agreement. The OrderMaster II Update/Support agreement includes  access to OrderMaster Support Online and routine OrderMaster II program updates and quality assurance updates for one year. It also allows up to 300 minutes (5 hours) of telephone support. 

About three weeks before your update / support agreement expires, we will fax a notice to you.  We will fax a second reminder if necessary.

The OrderMaster II Update / Support agreement funds training and maintenance of our support staff and the continuing development of the software.  Subscribing to the plan guarantees you that help is available when problems arise pertaining to your software and also assures you that your software remains current with industry trends, standards and technology.

We know that OrderMaster II operates with a high degree of reliability, giving the impression that problems will not occur. But we also know that, in computing, problems are inevitable and that continuing support is very important.  If you do not subscribe and run into difficulty, it is almost always time consuming, inconvenient and expensive, as we offer support only with a Update / Support agreement and must renew your service before any help can be provided.

Please be sure you have a very thorough and effective means of backing up your OrderMaster II software and data, especially if you choose not to subscribe to a Update / Support Agreement.  Protect your important business records.


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