Laser Checks, Laser Forms, & Envelopes

for use with the OrderMaster Software

** New Artwork for imprinted laser forms and checks require artwork to be sized 3.75" w x 1" h, black and white camera ready vector art in a .pdf or .eps file format.


** If your company needs to order Pin-Fed forms or Pin-Fed checks, please call out administrative office for current prices and availability.

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OrderMaster, Inc. Guarantee:

OrderMaster, Inc. reserves the right to modify or enhance it's software with respect to forms compatibility. We guarantee our forms will work with OrderMaster II software, as long as the most current printer drives are being used. This means that when software changes result in form or check changes, we will replace your remaining forms and checks purchased from us. We are not responsible for forms or checks that are purchased or created elsewhere. OrderMaster, Inc. reserves the right to change the pricing and availability of items stated above at any time without notice to our customers.

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